Friday, July 18, 2008

Meeting Minutes
Redding Monthly Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends
Date: July 13, 2008
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Present: Doug, Doris, Tom, Susie, Ed, Lenore
Review & Approval of Minutes: We approved the minutes from the last meeting.
Treasurer's Report: $2526 balance with outstanding bills including phone, donations to Bay Area American Friends Service Committee, Right Sharing, and SCARR (memorial scholarship fund).

Friday, July 19 Dinner Among Friends 6:00 (see email for details).
Sunday, June 27 Meeting for Worship 11:00 at Methodist Church (Children & Food = Susie)
Sunday, August 10 Meeting for Business (10:00) and Meeting for Worship (11:00) at Methodist Church (Children & Food = Doris)
Sunday, August 17, Dinner (Lunch) Among Friends at the Milhous cabin in Mt. Shasta. (See email from Doug for directions). Meet at 10:00 for socialization and worship. 12:00 potluck lunch bring side dishes, salad, or dessert (BBQ grill and hamburgers/hotdogs will be provided). Come ready to relax, hang out, and enjoy Lake Siskiyou.

Ministry & Oversight: Susie cannot make the July dinner among friends to lead the discussion. Doug will lead instead.
Interfaith Report: No meetings until September (they will be 2nd Wednesdays at noon at the First Christian Church, led by Lynn Fritz). IWJP has disbanded and is a new subcommittee of SCIFF; they are working on the idea of an interfaith summer camp.
Unity with Nature: no new business
Coming Events:
1) The Pacific Yearly Meeting (PYM) is coming up. Doug and Ed are going.
2) October 17-19 is Quarterly Meeting at Sierra Friends Center: Doug is planning to go, is anyone else interested? It's possible for the Meeting to sponsor some expenses.
3) Woolman 50th Anniversary Celebration, August 9 at Sierra Friends Center
Other Business: Lenore will update the address list and send out a copy for review and then make the updated list available. (Thanks to all who have checked the draft of this address list already and forwarded corrections as needed).

Respectfully Submitted,