Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Climate Change: Ideas for Action

Redding Friends Meeting
Possible Action Items to Address Climate Change

Individual Level
Unplug or shutdown appliances when not in use.
1) Be careful to turn off lights in house when not in use
2) Less use of plastic
3) More efficient source of heat for the house
4) Avoid driving to the store to buy just a thing or two
5) Walk or ride a bicycle rather than driving your car
6) Turn down the thermostat by four degrees.
7) Install fluorescent lights in house
8) Drive highly fuel efficient cars
9) Take public transit such as buses or trains
10) Avoid airplanes as they are not efficient
11) Cancel a trip – ie. to Europe
12) Heat your water with solar energy
13) Generate electricity with solar or wind energy
14) Weather proof and insulate your home – ie. seals on doors
15) Educate ourselves about the problem and solutions
16) Install ceiling fans
17) Energy efficient appliances
18) Shop locally in our neighborhood
19) Grow a big organic garden and share with neighbors
20) Build community locally. Trade goods and services with friends and neighbors
21) Assess your climate impact at http://www.climatecrisis.net/takeaction/carboncalculator/
22) Work towards a personal goal of reducing personal use of green house gases by 10% in the coming year
23) Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me

Influencing the wider world
1) Labor with government to utilize environment friendly buildings.
2) Install billboard signs asking people to conserve.
3) When talking to people about global warming, emphasize what is happening morally. We are stewards over the land.
4) Build Cypress pedestrian bridge
5) Eliminate subsidies, so that we experience true costs. Airlines are subsidized because they are used by rich people. Buses are not subsidized because they are used by poor people
6) Roads should be subsidized by those that use them
7) Work for energy efficient van transportation for Shasta College students from remote sites
8) Build pedestrian ways and bike ways rather than highways. More walker-friendly cities
9) Less imports of un-essentials from other countries
10) Keep climate change as an ongoing concern of the Quaker Meeting, engaging in collective discernment and action
11) Network with other Meetings and like-minded groups
12) Labor with those shaping public opinion and policy to care for the earth
13) Speak truth to power in support of public policy that cares for the earth and assists the most vulnerable

(Compiled Spring 2007)

Click here for this list as an active document.

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